City of Hampton Schools Art and Essay Contests

City of Hampton Schools Art and Essay Contests

The City of Hampton 2019 Commemorative Commission is creating activities and events of the 1619 arrival of African people from the country of Angola, who landed in Point Comfort (Hampton at Fort Monroe), and not Jamestown, as so many of us have been taught. On August 20, 1619, the White Lion, enters the Chesapeake Bay, docks at Point Comfort with about 20 Africans from Angola. Two of these courageous people Antoney and Isabell became servants of Captain William Tucker, Commander at Fort Monroe. Around 1623 or 1624, they birthed the first African child in English North America named William Tucker. The other Africans were taken to the plantations in the Virginia colony. Our vision is to engage the public with educationally enriching and culturally relevant events and activities.

Essay Writing Prompts

Students may choose one of the following prompts for their essay:
1) Africans arrived at Point Comfort in 1619. How did their Bantu culture and the skills they brought help them make an impact on the Virginia colony after 1619?
2) How can the City of Hampton ensure the lessons of the value of enslaved people’s lives are not forgotten and will be used to advance civilization and humanity?

Rules and Format: The contest is open to all fourth and fifth grade students in Hampton City Schools. Essays must:
1) Have a cover page
2) Be typed and double-spaced
3) Contain a minimum count of 500 words

Judging Criteria
1) Historical accuracy
2) Organization and logic
3) Emphasis on the value of enslaved people’s lives

Winners will be announced at the Children’s/Youth Activities Section at African Arrival Day at Fort Monroe National Monument, receive a certificate and be featured on the Commission’s website.

Art Contest Prompts
The Art Contest is open to all elementary students in grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 in Hampton City Schools. Artwork must be:
1) Two-dimensional, using 2D media
2) No larger than 12 x 18 inches
3) Submitted without a mat
4) Clearly labeled on back of the art work and not on the front with the following information – student name, school, grade and art teacher’s name

Judging Criteria
1) Historical accuracy and interpretation
2) Artistic quality and creativity

Starting in 2016, the Commission initiated these contests for the Elementary Division. In 2017, the Commission initiated art and essay contests. The theme is “We Are 1619”, where students were to write essays about the Point Comfort arrival narrative. The Commission provided essay writing prompts, rules and formatting, and a judging criteria. The awards were sponsored.
These contests commenced during African American History Month, February 2018. We thank Councilman Will Moffett, and Commemoration Commissioners Mrs. Luci Cochran, Hampton History Museum Director, Ms. Audrey Williams, Hampton Roads Chapter president of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, and Rev. Dr. Simeon Green, III, Pastor of Joynes Road Church of God for judging.

The winners of the Elementary Art Contest are as follows:

4th Grade

Gabriel Cubas-Alvarenga, Kraft Elementary School

RosaBella Lopez, Asbury Elementary School

Jordan Macalina, Spratley Gifted School

Akira Flood, Tyler Elementary school

Each student was presented with a congratulatory letter, a commemorative Commission coin, a gift card from one of our sponsors – the Peninsula Town Center and the Historical Foudnation of Aberdeen Gardens, and a packet of note cards bearing the student’s submitted artwork. The partnership between the City of Hampton Schools and the City of Hampton 2019 Commemorative Commission continues to educate schoolchildren about the 1619 historical narrative of the arrival of African people to Point Comfort.

The winners of the Elementary Essay Contest are as follows:

4th Grade

1st Place: Madison Queen, Burbank Elementary School, “An Account of the First Africans Who Came to Virginia”

2nd Place: Hannah Blough, Spratley Gifted Center, “We Are 1619”

3rd Place: Scarlett Foster, Tyler Elementary School, “Bantu Contributions to America”

High School Essay Contest – Spring 2018

1st Prize: Catherine Dixon, Kecoughtan High School, First African Arrival at Old Point Comfort, Virginia, in 1619

2nd Prize: Rainah Ward, Bethel High School, The Arrival of the African Slaves: How their Presence Shaped History

3rd Prize: Payton Grubb, Kecoughtan High School, We Are 1619

High School Essay Contest – Spring 2019

1st place – Alyssa B.Holland, BHS

2nd place – Jazanae Reid, HHS

3rd place – Kayla N. Edwards, BHS